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At ARC, grass-root action meets research. Our mission is to empower grassroots movements with innovative approaches, latest data, and technical expertise to tackle urban challenges in education, health, and labor dignity. We actively collaborate with academics worldwide to promote research grounded in community needs. Our low-overhead, high-impact approach to research reflects our commitment to social justice and creating sustainable solutions.

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01 June 2023

About   The College and Career Counseling program is a transformative initiative that enables exceptional students from working-class areas to compete with their more affluent...

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01 June 2023

About   The Street Law program empowers students from working-class areas with knowledge of their basic legal rights and the tools they need to advocate...

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From The News Room

December 11, 2022

Lead nowhere

By Umer Zaib Khan | Link to the original article The Shadipura neighbourhood of Lahore is exposed to lead poisoning; the

July 29, 2022

Emitting poison: How foundries in northern Lahore are polluting ground water and making people sick

By Zahid Ali | Link to the original article Dr Alia Haider noted that many children and youngsters in northern Lahore’s

High prevalence of stunting among the children has been noted. — Photos by Rahat Dar March 26, 2022

Dangerous Levels Of Lead In Water In A Lahore Locality, Research Finds

Nausheen Zaidi joins Rabia Mehmood to discuss her research on the quality of water in an underprivileged area of Lahore. Dangerous